Why Does Ranking On The First Page Of Google Take Time?

When it comes to search engine optimization, one of the most common questions companies have is in regards to why it takes so long to increase search rankings.

In the world of SEO marketing, we like to compare moving your website up in relevant search engine results to building your credit score.

Why does ranking on the first page take time

There is a reason that great search engine rankings and a great credit score are difficult, complex things to achieve.

For example, if it was simple to have an 850 credit score, everyone would have one, removing the weight that is placed on a simple three-digit number.

Similarly, if it was simple to achieve page-one rankings, everyone would rank on page one, which is impossible.

Websites that put time and effort into their search engine strategy are rewarded.

Therefore, search engines make you work hard to achieve strong rankings.

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SEO Done the Modern Way

The old way to execute a strong SEO strategy was simply to find keywords and key phrases you wanted your website to rank strongly for and to add them into your content.

Additionally, the old SEO strategy included simply building as many basic links as possible.

However, that strategy has been dead for years. Search engines are wiser than ever. Today’s SEO experts will tell you that using this keyword-stuffing strategy can actually hurt your website’s search rankings.

A modern SEO strategy will include a strong, multi-pronged approach that will take time and dedication.

The complexity of today’s SEO ranking process is another reason that search engines reward websites that take the time to do things right, rather than rapidly

Crawlers Are Smarter Than You Think

Search engines like Google utilize what is called a spider to crawl your website’s content as well as the site itself.

While spiders used to look for keywords, they now can literally read and comprehend content.

They also have the capability to understand things like site structure as well as the weight of any link.

In fact, these search engine crawlers can read and comprehend content as well as most humans.

Digital marketing companies that specialize in SEO will provide you with a fully built-out strategy.

This strategy will cater to the complex manner that these crawlers can comprehend your website.

This will include all of the technical elements such as building links and interlinking throughout the website.

Remember, great SEO consultants, know how to work with spiders, not against them.

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Content is King

Digital marketing agencies will tell you that when it comes to a truly successful SEO strategy, content is king.

Another reason that it takes such a long time to increase search rankings is due to the fact that you will need to build a strong library of well-written content that focuses on the subjects you wish to rank for.

Prior to speaking with an SEO consultant, spend some time thinking about what types of searches are most important to your website ranking goals.

Also, take note of what competitors you have that currently rank high for pertinent searches.

Having your goals thoroughly prepared will help expedite the initial process of working with an SEO marketing expert.

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How Long Will it Take?

There are many factors that determine how long SEO will take for you to see a strong, active increase in your website’s rankings.

SEO specialists will provide you with a highly detailed outline of the factors that affect your rankings.

These include elements such as your website’s link profile, the time your website has been active, competitor ranking profile, and the shape your website is in.

Your consultant will also provide you with a meticulous list of SEO services that their team will execute in order to begin helping your website rise in rankings for relevant searches.

SEO Planning

When Can I Expect To See Results

Truly professional SEO consultants will not provide you with an exact date you can expect to see change.

This is important because what matters most is the thorough list of SEO strategies they will perform on your half.

Companies that guarantee a date often use what is called “black hat” SEO tactics.

Unlike “white hat” SEO, black hat elements can provide quick results that will ultimately lead to your website being penalized in search results down the road.

When considering working with a professional SEO company, the best thing you can do is to ask questions.

SEO consultants are well aware that you are eager to see your website’s search rankings improve.

However, they also want you to understand that well-done SEO takes time. It is a true process.

By asking questions upfront, you will have more realistic expectations of what to expect.

Investing time in an SEO strategy will give great ranking results that will last for years to come.

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