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Do All Websites Need SEO?

...Ones that want traffic do! SEO is a way to drive traffic to your website by ranking for keywords that describe your business and services.

SEO is also a method to make your site as conversion-friendly and easy to navigate as possible, thereby increasing leads and/or sales.

Stay ahead of your competitors by ranking for intent-based keywords that capture more online business.

The internet is one big billboard, and SEO’s mission is to build up real estate in the areas that matter. 

Whether you are looking to rank nationally, or prefer to dominate the local search results, SEO is crucial to your digital marketing strategy.

Competitive analysis by our team provides an overview of the playing field, and allows us to pinpoint a strategy that will help outrank them.

If you aren’t ranking on the first page of search results for lead-generating keywords, you’re losing business.

What Is SEO?

SEO - or Search Engine Optimization - is the practice of capturing organic (non-paid) rankings in various search engines for a particular website.

An integral part of every successful digital marketing strategy, SEO can be one of the most lucrative lead-generating channels for a business.

SEO doesn’t just focus on search engines, however - it is just as important to focus on user experience/intent as well as the overall usability of your website.

Understanding your audience and creating a targeted approach to tailor your website to address their needs is a big part of the SEO process.

If you aren’t investing in SEO, your competitor is.

Some examples of the tasks a SEO strategy can include are:

  • Keyword Research & Strategy
    Researching and identifying money-making keywords for your niche or industry and strategically utilizing them across your site.
  • Competitive Analysis
    Finding out who your competition is, what they’re ranking for, and implementing a strategy to dominate them in the search results.
  • Citation Building
    Increasing your presence online through building citations in directories and listing sites.
  • Content Strategy & Implementation
    Analyzing the existing content on your site and optimizing it for search engines as well as UX.
  • Link Building
    Crafting a beneficial backlink profile that will frame you as an authoritative resource in your industry.
  • Technical SEO
    Performing back-end maintenance on your website to ensure fast site speeds and a positive user experience across desktop and mobile platforms.
  • On-page Optimization 
    Optimizing individual pages or other aspects of your website to increase rankings for a particular keyword or to enhance local SEO efforts.

Why Do I Need Ongoing SEO?

SEO isn’t a “set it and forget it” type of implementation - it takes ongoing research, tweaks, analysis and testing in order to continuously be competitive in search engine results and gain rankings.

Simply putting in a chunk of hours isn’t going to cut it, and you shouldn’t believe any company that says so.

SEO does move more slowly than its PPC counterpart, but building a strong SEO foundation and optimizing it over time will be priceless throughout the lifetime of your business. 

Think of your website as buying a brand new vehicle - when you first buy it, it is pretty, modern, and it works perfectly.

As time goes on, however, you will need to perform maintenance to your car to get the most use out of it like tire rotations, oil changes, etc.

This doesn’t mean anything is necessarily wrong with your car, but you have to invest in it to reap the rewards. 

Your website is no different, as rankings continually fluctuate based on other companies’ SEO efforts as well as user search trends/behavior.

By staying on top of these changes, you can maintain a first-page presence for your most important keywords and drastically increase the volume of incoming traffic to your site. 

Why Do I Need an SEO Agency?

The world of search changes on a daily basis (with Google releasing 200+ algorithm updates per year!), and it can be very time consuming and technically difficult for business owners or marketing departments to take on in-house.

By partnering with an Orlando SEO Agency like ours, you get years of expertise alongside the dedication of a team who will take pride in enhancing your businesses’ voice.

Entrusting your website’s SEO strategy with a seasoned SEO agency will achieve the best possible ROI.

It is possible to over-optimize your website just as much as it’s possible to ignore optimization opportunities. To achieve this delicate balance, many business owners and marketing departments choose to partner with a local SEO company to handle these tasks.

While it is possible to optimize your own site yourself, purchasing the necessary tools to correctly research and implement optimizations can quickly become extremely expensive as well.

What Happens At An SEO Consultation with Outlook Studios?

At your first SEO consultation with Outlook Studios, our goal is simple: to understand your business. By understanding your mission, as well as the language of your industry, we can more efficiently target the audience you need to drive sales and leads.

Similarly, we want to know what makes you money. With this knowledge, we can optimize your website to generate more targeted traffic that will translate into increased conversions.

Based on your feedback, we can determine what level of service fits your needs and how we can ensure the best ROI possible.

You can choose to move forward with SEO services alone, or discuss with us whether you could benefit from:

By hiring Outlook Studios, you are partnering with a team that will feel like an extension of your own - our transparent processes and reporting provide peace of mind that is often hard to find when using an external company for digital services.


Contact us today to inquire about how we can help your business grow!

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