Is your SEO strategy out of date? How do you know if it is or isn’t?

It is recommended that you update your SEO strategy if it is at a point where you are not finding success, or at the very least, review it once a quarter to ensure you are meeting all of your KPIs and goals.

If you haven’t yet formalized a 2020 SEO strategy, you’re already falling behind – but it’s not too late to make the necessary adjustments.

In this article, we will review some aspects of SEO that should be updated, and explain why it may be wise to revisit your site’s SEO by hiring SEO consultants.

Look Out For Google’s Algorithm Updates

What is an algorithm update?

While Google is constantly optimizing its search engines in order to provide visitors with top-notch search results, every so often it rolls out a more robust change. Typically when this happens, many websites will notice a drastic change in their traffic & keyword positioning – and that can be a good or bad thing. 

Google is constantly updating how it ranks sites, and if you are still using outdated methods, you may end up lagging behind your competitors. Similarly, if you aren’t targeting aspects that Google takes heavily into consideration, you may find yourself with a very disappointing traffic dip and/or keyword ranking loss.

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It is crucial that you are tweaking and improving upon your SEO strategy to fit with the changes that can happen with an algorithm update. A top SEO consultant will be able to react quickly to an update and help mitigate traffic and/or conversion loss if possible. 

Review Your Target Keywords

Take a second look at the keywords you are targeting. There are many reasons why you may want to consider targeting new keywords. Similarly, you may think you have a complete list of keywords, whereas a seasoned consultant will be able to identify low-hanging fruit or long-tail keywords that you may not have considered.

You may also want to target a new customer audience due to shifting priorities or demographic feedback. In order to do that, you may want to target different or under-performing keywords.

search marketing optimization

It is good to do some testing by targeting different keywords and see which ones bring you in the best ROI.

A professional SEO company can provide feedback on your current keyword list, which can help you be more efficient in utilizing your time and resources. Some companies make the mistake of targeting too-broad keywords that are not attainable at that time, and become frustrated. By tweaking the keyword, or finding alternative options, you may find yourself operating in a less competitive space.

For example, if you sell a computer mouse specifically crafted for gaming, you may have little luck going after a more generic keyword like “best gaming mouse”:

google search best gaming mouse example

At 32 MILLION results, you can expect a long and arduous journey to Page 1. The competition level will be extremely high as well, which can further deter your efforts.

However, by simply tweaking the keyword to a less-popular, yet more conversion-friendly keyword option, you may find way more success:

google search example buy gaming mouse

This new keyword only nets HALF of the results as the first keyword – so while the competition level may still be higher, the pool is much smaller and can increase your chances of ranking for that purchase-specific query.

Competitors Can Change Strategies

Competition can also create necessary changes to your SEO strategy. When you first set up your site, there may not have been a lot of competition for the keywords you were targeting.

However, after a while, new bloggers and websites may have started to target those same keywords. Over time, as their business grows, they may invest more budget into digital marketing efforts, thus expanding their online presence and becoming more competitive to your efforts.

Due to this, they may sometimes exceed your rank, even though you have been there previously.

At that point, you may need to either target new keywords or step up your SEO game so that you beat your competitors in the rankings or maintain your hold in the top positions.

When you work with an SEO consulting company, one of the crucial parts of their discovery process is learning about your competition. They will perform what is called a “competitor analysis” or “gap analysis” to determine opportunities you can take to be more aggressive.

Review Your Backlinks

You should also be reviewing your backlink profile periodically. Backlinks can boost your site, but they can also hurt you if not monitored and adjusted correctly.

Take a look at your Google Search Console data to discover which sites are linking to you and whether they are helping you or hurting you. Here are a couple of metrics to consider when evaluating a backlink:

  • What is the DA of the site? 
  • What anchor text did the site use to link back to your page?
  • What is the spam score of the linking site?
  • Is the site relevant to your niche?
  • How long has the website been live?
link building

Professional  digital marketing agencies can use special tools to help you discover all of your backlinks and remove the bad links pointing to your site.

Google Search Console is actually a great place to discover data about your SEO rankings. For example, you can see which keywords you have a high ranking for but which are still getting low clicks.

In that case, you should adjust your title tag and meta description so that you can gain a better click-through rate by being more relevant and eye-catching to potential visitors.

You can also discover which pages have a high bounce rate and tweak your content so that it is more interesting and have users stay longer.

reducing the bounce rate

img src:

Improving overall site speed on your website can help for this as well. It goes without saying that you should be updating your site content on a regular basis.

Publishing blog posts on a regular basis is a great way to do this if you don’t have time, hiring a professional content writer or SEO company can do it for you.

content marketing

Fresh content will help get your site ranked higher. Google loves sites that produce fresh content for visitors and readers. If you consistently put out high-quality content, Google will view you as a reliable resource for that particular keyword and rank you higher in order to maintain satisfaction from their user base. 

Another aspect of search engine optimization, which many do not pay sufficient attention to, is your social media profiles. This is especially important for local SEO.

Social media profiles can impact your branding so make sure that you keep them updated. The same goes for any sites which you have listings on.

This includes global and local directories such as Yelp and Google My Business. However, don’t forget about some of the smaller listing sites that are related both to your location as well as your niche/industry. 

Having professional SEO services on your side is the best way to keep your website raking in the traffic and acquiring money-making keyword acquisitions. With no stone left unturned, a professional SEO partner is the best way to ensure a complete and aggressive strategy that will be able to compete and beat out any industry rivals.