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Backlinks have always been a very important component of achieving high ranking results, but the strategy to acquire them has vastly changed over the years.

Unfortunately, it is very easy to build backlinks that are not only unhelpful to your website, but could even be harmful!

Link Building is considered an essential part of many successful SEO strategies, and when utilized correctly, can drastically increase keyword rankings as well as traffic to your site.

What Is Link Building?

Link Building is the effort of gaining links (or backlinks) from an external third-party website that leads back to yours.

Think of it as external validation that tells various search engines how trustworthy and authoritative your website is, which helps increase your rankings and draw traffic to your site. The entirety of all external links pointing back to your website comprises your backlink profile.

The quality of your backlink profile contributes a lot to your rankability in search engines like Google/Bing and is one of the leading ranking factors.

About Press Release

A press release is a great link acquisition strategy from top-tier websites (media outlets), by sharing newsworthy events or sweepstakes about your brand. Press releases help flood the SERPs by creating a large number of high authority backlinks and drive traffic onto your landing page or site. 

This strategy also signals Google that your brand/business is a real business entity by providing physical information when submitting your news to the wire such as contact information, phone number, physical address, and website; oftentimes, this information matches your Google My Business listing.

Let’s Build Links, Together.

If you’re not currently building backlinks to your website, contact Outlook Studios to discuss how we can help you develop and execute a customized link building strategy.

Growing your backlink profile strategically isone of the best ways to achieve increased rankings and grow traffic volume.

Using a link building service is the most efficient way to build and manage your website’s backlink profile.


What Makes a Good Backlink?

Not all links are created equal! Knowing the distinction between a beneficial backlink and a harmful one is crucial - and mismanagement of your backlink profile can cause serious damage to your website’s standing.

1. DA - Domain Authority Score

While DA isn’t a standardized tool of measurement (it is a proprietary scoring system developed by Moz), it is still a good determination of how beneficial a backlink can be for your website. It takes a lot of different factors into consideration, and can

Generally speaking, websites with higher DA are more highly regarded by the leading search engines. This means a DA 55 website would carry more “weight” than a DA 15 website when they link to you.

2. Spam Score

Linking to spammy websites can do damage to yours, and could even bring about a penalty from Google. This is extremely hard to recover from, so the spam score of your backlinks should ideally be as low as possible.

However, Google has acknowledged that the presence of some spammy links are a pretty normal part of most website’s backlink profile, so having a few shouldn’t hurt.

However, if your backlink profile is overloaded with spammy and malicious links, you may need an agency to help disavow them.

You can individually check your backlink’s spam scores by using a free SEO checker tool, or you can save time by hiring an experienced link building team to assess those for you.

While it is possible to remove (disavow) spammy or malicious backlinks, this is an extremely delicate process that can nuke existing rankings if done frivolously. You should only entrust this particular task to seasoned link builders.

3. Relevancy

Simply having links to your website on a third-party site isn’t always enough - being promoted by peers in your industry is far better than one outside it.

Think of it this way - if you’re looking to buy a birthday cake, would you trust the recommendation of a baker or a banker? Search engines operate similarly to this analogy - if they detect other similar businesses advertising you as a resource in your niche, that search engine will consider you a trustworthy source of information, and therefore rank you higher.

4. Anchor Text Strategy

You most likely have come across links that contain the anchor text “Click Here,” “Learn More,” or some other general phrase. While those links still do contain the backlink to the other website, it does not include the beneficial usage of that page’s targeted keyword.

Advanced link building utilizes the strategic use of anchor text to increase specific keyword rankings and/or to help a particular page to rank for that keyword.

Similarly, link builders can optimize your backlink profile by attempting to convert those generic anchor text backlinks into valuable keyword-strong ones.

Why Should You Hire a Link Building Team?

Link Building is a very different process nowadays than it was years ago, and can have very severe consequences for your website if done incorrectly.

One of the best ways to get backlinks is to form relationships with different websites across the internet, and provide “guest posts” for them to utilize as blog content.

Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. Many business owners or marketing departments are choosing to hire external link builders to help generate high-quality backlinks, and here’s why:

Build Strategic Links

Having a larger volume of backlinks is certainly beneficial to a website, but quantity doesn’t necessarily trump quality.

Knowing what types of websites to solicit links from, which anchor text/keyword to target for each particular site, as well as what pages on your website to build links for is all crucial strategy to get the most out of the time and money spent on backlinking.

By outsourcing your link building efforts to an agency like Outlook Studios, your link building expert will craft a custom strategy that is as efficient and ROI-friendly as possible.

Save Time & Effort

One of the main reasons why you should hire a link building service is because it will save you time.

The process of link building is extremely time-consuming if done correctly and ethically, and may not be ROI-positive for someone new to the practice.

Gain Access to Hundreds of Websites

Seasoned link builders like ours have established relationships with many webmasters, publishers and influences across hundreds of niches, and every day they work to expand their contacts.

Unlike PBNs (private blog networks), which is not a recommended link building practice, our agency link building team builds symbiotic relationships with our contacts and continuously grows their partnerships through manual outreach tactics.

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