Content Marketing Services

Your website is the online spokesperson of your brand. The importance of your site as a sales tool should not be underemphasized; at every touchpoint, a visitor becomes more familiar with your brand as they peruse through your various pages and blogs.

The more accessible and engaging your content is, the better you’ll be able to convey your businesses’ purpose and gain new customers.

What Is a Content Writing Service?

Created for those who do not want to write their own content, or do not have the experience to craft it, content writing services provide custom copy to use on your website or in your marketing efforts.

Ideally, your chosen content creator will have experience writing for your particular niche or platform, and will also utilize SEO-forward practices within their writing.

Our content strategists at Outlook Studios will work hand-in-hand with our SEO and link building departments to synchronize strategies, or independently on one-off projects. 

You can utilize your content strategist for a number of projects in your digital marketing efforts, and can even retain them for ongoing tasks such as monthly blog posts or social media content.

Before getting started, you should expect a proposal that includes a content audit - this will identify areas on your website (or other platforms) that are lacking in strong content as well as showcasing the competitive playing field for your industry to determine what strategy will work best for you.

If you aren’t investing in SEO, your competitor is.

How Do Search Engines View Web Content?

Search engines have drastically improved over the years by increasing their ability to perform as a “semantic search”: results not only driven by exact keyword match, but by associating additional topics and words that could be a better fit for a specific query.

This means that the content on your site should be more consumer-focused and conversational, which can be a very difficult task to accomplish for many business owners who don’t have the time or skillset to produce it. 

One of the most common mistakes businesses make is creating and maintaining a website with thin content. This term is used by all leading search engines to describe websites that do not contain a competent volume of copy, or use content that adds little value.

The less value you provide, the less you will be ranked. This is an important distinction to understand as quantity does not always equal quality, and a delicate balance of high-quality, longform content is more likely achievable by seasoned content writers. 

What Can a Content Writer Do?

Hiring a copywriter for your brand is a great way to offload the challenge of creating converting content to an experienced company that can provide top-quality content for a variety of formats:

  • Webpage content creation
  • Blog post topic generation
  • Blog writing service
  • Product descriptions & listings
  • Social media content management
  • Commercial screenwriting
  • Digital ad content

Website Content Creation

Your website needs content. Without it, search engines won’t rank you nor will visitors come to your site. When launching a new website, one of the biggest bottlenecks of the process is the time spent creating and editing content - skip the wait and partner with an agency instead.

Blog Post Topic Generation

A well-researched and planned blog topic calendar is crucial to any successful content creation strategy. Not all blog topics within your industry are created equal, and you can target thousands of conversion-generating users, create effortless link building opportunities, and gain rankings for many more keywords through a targeted approach.

Blog Writing Service

All search engines favor websites that are frequently updated with fresh, informative and unique content. Most often, this is accomplished through blog posts.

Many webmasters, business owners or marketing departments don’t have the time, manpower or expertise to achieve multiple blog posts per month, and have found companies like Outlook Studios to take on the task instead. 

Product Descriptions & Listings

Product descriptions are the make-and-break aspect of your e-commerce website, and are crucial for not only ranking products well, but for solidifying a sale. Our subject-matter expert writers know what kind of content converts, and will help make your products or services irresistible!

Social Media Content Management

Your social media channels should be an extension of your brand. Not only does this mean your content should mirror your brand voice, but should also be interactive with your audience and entice them to engage with you for increased exposure. 

Commercial Screenwriting

Whether you’re creating a commercial for television or other streaming services, you need a seasoned commercial copywriter to bring your idea to life. 

Digital Ad Content

Creating a digital billboard needs to not only capture the attention of your target audience, but compel them to click on your ad and bring them to your money-making page. Persuasive copy is the way to go for banner ads, carousel ads, or other digital ad formats; let our content gurus show you how it’s done.

If you just need content, we’re the team to make it happen.

Is SEO-Forward Content Important?

In short - yes. No matter how you utilize your content, whether describing your services or within blog posts, each piece should be written purposefully to generate interest and conversions, as well as to enhance your website’s SEO.

Correctly weaving in targeted keywords and in-links can supercharge your content while not detracting from the overarching message or making it appear too “salesy”.

As mentioned earlier, it is very easy to accidentally over-optimize your website’s content, and keyword stuffing is a negative SEO practice that can hurt your rankings.

The content writing team at Outlook Studios have many years of experience within the SEO world and can confidently fulfill your content needs while simultaneously helping you achieve better keyword ranking results.

Create a cohesive brand presence with Outlook Studios, where you can combine web design, SEO, link building and content creation into one service.

Contact us today to ask us how we can create the best content for your needs.

Contact us today to inquire about how we can help your business grow!

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