Researching An SEO Companies

In the last two weeks I have seen an increase in phone calls with companies talking about being able to place our website on Page 1 in Google as well as provide a spot in places.

As most have noticed or have not noticed Google now puts more emphasis on local search.

Understanding SEO and Promises

First and foremost we have provided our clientele with multiple Page 1 rankings as well as created many places accounts for their businesses.

The purpose of this post is to provide information on what you should be looking for when any of these companies call your phone and make empty promises. google logo

We Guarantee A First Page SERP

An example of one of the phone calls usually goes into discussing how many sites are currently on Page 1 on Google and provide you with information saying they can get you on Page 1.

Most of the time the person on the phone isn’t the SEO consultant but the sales representative.

They will provide you with what everyone wants to hear “I’ll get you to the top of Google”. Most don’t even ask you what terms you wish to rank for on Google or Bing.

Do not get blinded by the idea that you can have a Page 1 ranking in 3 days. I have only seen website submission done in 3 days by submitting your website to Google.

Another ploy is if you type in your website “ the example I’ll use our website) your website will appear on Google’s Page 1 ranking on the very top.

Whether you are 1st or not you are still ranking on the first page and that is what you paid for.

This is not fair and gives a bad name for a lot of professional SEO experts who have been doing this for years the right way.

Getting submitted to Google can happen naturally in a few days up to a few weeks or through their submission link.

Selling SEO When Your Site Is Not Optimized

with or without www?

Another example of a company which say they know how to get you on Page 1 on Google is when you visit their website just to make sure they are a legit company.

Always do your research especially when it comes to your business.

In this example I am not going to say what website it was because I do not want any issues.

This company is not based in the US so no one for the time being has to worry.

A few things that this particular SEO company was offering was to ranking our website on page 1 and optimizing it for the web.

That makes sense when you have a client that needs to have a website well optimized for the web and they offered the right services.

But here is where they end up falling short, their website is very basic and kind of standard, nothing out of the ordinary but they were not on Page 1, 2, or 3 on Google’s search term for SEO services.

Proper 301 Redirects and URL Structure

They did not have a proper 301 redirect on their website.

For example when you have your .htaccess file set to a 301 redirect it helps your website with the search engines.

You do not want your website to be showing up as either or

Either have your website have the WWW. or not have it. This is really up to you as long as you select one not allow it to be both.

The reason why you need to have the website be one way or the other is because all of the search engines read it as 2 separate entities if you do not make the correct change.

So links being pointed to the website might not actually point to the correct website address.

This is important to make sure that your website is set-up accordingly. The digital marketing company which came up did not have that set up on their business website.

Right there and then I knew they could not help even if we let them.

I politely hung up and continued my work with providing our clientele with the best work we can provide them.

Do Your Research

In conclusion PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do not just sign up with any company to do your SEO efforts.

Visit their website, ask for real world examples of clients who are actually on Page 1 for something other than their website URL when it is typed into the Google Search Bar.

I have seen business lose total confidence in SEO Companies because of false hope and advertising that promise what sometimes can never be accomplished.

Always remember that reaching the first page on any search engine takes time and patience.

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