Understanding The New Facebook Timeline

I myself have been very lazy about updating my personal Facebook page to show the new Facebook Timeline.


Well Facebook would eventually make the update automatically, so I’m sitting back and waiting for the day to come.

Saying that within the next few days or so the timeline will start taking effect for EVERYONE.

Many hate it just because it is Facebook and they like to share all of our information and a certain few who fear change.

Sometimes change can be for the better only sometimes. The timeline will be something that we all have to get used to even if it is or is not for the better.facebook timeline

The only thing that I am actually excited about with the Facebook Timeline is the big header banner that I will see or have seen on some of my fellow colleagues and friends.

There are some already in place such as Floyd Mayweather and Dane Cook. The celebrities are all over getting their pages on the timeline.

The definite downside of having the Timeline is that there is no feeling of privacy and I believe that is pretty much what we all deal with when it comes to Facebook when joining.

Always adjust your setting to what you want and that can help.

Changing Your Facebook Timeline

The best advice anyone can receive from this is that you should only show what you want your visitors to see.

If there is anything we can take from this is that we will eventually get used to the new update on Facebook and if you check out any of the timelines you can see what Facebook is looking to accomplish, they want you to see your friends like you may have never seen them before.

Just remember just like life make it what you want it to be it is up to you how much information you would want to share and what kind of pictures you would like to have uploaded on Facebook.

What is your opinion on the Facebook Timeline?

Are you already using it?

Are you still going to keep using Facebook?

Let us know what you think.

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