How To Fix Thin Content Issues On Your Website

If you have ever visited to a webpage looking for an answer to a question only to discover that it was filled with thin content and didn’t provide any answers, then you understand that having low word count is not going to help you gain authority or drive users to convert on your site.

Not only can thin content cause potential customers frustration it can allow your competition to get ahead of you and become an authority in your industry.

how to fix low content issues on your website

Many pages with low word counts as the information shared is very specific are designed to send the viewer to another page.

Therefore, you need to take steps immediately to fix any thin content found on your site.

When you are looking to gain traffic in your local area having thin content on the website will only cause issues and very little growth and as a local SEO specialist we strive in providing our clients the best education when it comes to their website.

What Makes Great Content?

The only way to fix thin content is to consistently produce great content on your website. Good content is original, but great content is thought provoking.

The headlines of pages makes a person want to stop and read the article, and the subheadings keeps them reading by being intriguing.

People find good content adds value to their lives often by solving a problem, however, great piece of content causes your audience to take action by sharing with their friends on social media and even convert.

creating website content

Is Your Website Dead?

If you have thin content on your website, then you need to take action to immediately remove it or add more text to help it improve the overall state of your website.

Not doing so will result in your website having to speak with an SEO consultant to help you improve the overall performance along with the existing content on the site.

Thin Content On Your Site

While you will want to eventually examine every page on your website, the place to start is by locating pages with the highest bounce rates.

If you do not know how to find this information, then contact a digital marketing company as they can help collect data from your site, and they will often do it for free.

The reason that people leave a page is that it does not have great content. Fixing these pages first will help your website’s overall strength.

content development

Repurpose Existing Pages

Once you locate pages with thin content, then recreate their purpose. Many started out as great ideas, but you can get sloppy along the way.

You may have borrowed content from another site instead of writing your own unique content.

In the past, digital marketing services may have borrowed descriptions of products from the manufacturer.

These pages may have grammatical errors making them hard to read.

They may also appear as one huge block of text without anyway to help move the viewer along or help them find the information they want the most.

Some pages may just need redone while others may need to be eliminated entirely.

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Add Internal and Resource Links

While you are repurposing pages, make sure to add great links leading your viewers to content that they will find useful.

This content may be on your own website or it may be on someone else’s website. It does not matter as long as the goal is to add value for a real person.

Keep in mind that your website is going to be known by the company that it keeps so choose .edu, .gov and other reputable sites.

An SEO company can help you identify appropriate sites if you need them too.

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Create a Hierarchy

Think of the hierarchy of your website like the architectural plans for your house.

Ideally, you would have created a plan before you started building your website, but it is never too late.

It may, however, require major remodeling. The reward is a better user and crawler experience.

Keep the hierarchy logical with from two to seven main categories. Balance the subcategories under each of these categories.

Make sure that you have your most important pages at the top. Making a diagram helps speed up the process, and it helps you stay organized in the future.

Does Your Website Need CPR?

If you have thin content on your website, then your website is in need of a content recovery. You need a content marketing plan, purpose and reformat the information being shared.

Outlook Studios provides content marketing that can breathe new life into your website and improve your overall authority.

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