WordPress.com vs. Self-Hosted WordPress which Is Better?

We have seen plenty of articles out there regarding which is better when starting a WordPress website.

Why use a .com over a self-hosted WordPress website?

That is the number one question that comes up when deciding on what type of approach you plan on taking when using WordPress for the first time.

One of the best things about WordPress is that no matter which way you plan to start it will benefit you in many ways.

For a complete detailed list of what the benefits of having a WordPress.com website from a self-hosted WordPress website and vise-versa you can click here for the full details.

Ultimately the decision will be yours to decide at the end of the day. Both are great options but as a company we are fans of being able to have a self-hosted WordPress site.

A lot of our client work is made from scratch and from WordPress. Attach a blog such as Mid Florida Medical Group or create a complete website such as the Baby DJ website.

Advantages of WordPress.com

A lot of first timers that hear about how amazing WordPress is do not know the difference but everyone knows when you hear the word ‘FREE’ you can’t help but to take advantage of that.

I believe everyone starting with a WordPress site for the first time should start out with a WordPress.com website.

You get many advantages such as easy set-up, upgrades, security, and your content backed-up automatically.

Those are a few of the advantages that you will receive when you have your website hosted through WordPress.com.

A few of the disadvantages is that you are limited to the layouts they provide, there is no modification, and the plug-ins that will help your website grow are limited.

Having the option of being able to select from a large number of plug-ins can take your website to a whole new level you may not have thought about.

From adding maps, Facebook comments, social media bookmarks, and many different styles of contact forms.

Advantages of Self-Hosted WordPress Website

With having a self-hosted WordPress website you can enjoy the benefits of being able to upload your own custom made web design layout and the many free available online, a variety of different plug-ins that best fit your website.

You have complete control of the website and allows you to update.

That can also be a downside if you do not have a reliable website design company that can take care of any issues your website could go through, if you are not able to take care of it for yourself.

Such as updating your website with the latest WordPress updates as well as any plug-in updates that are needed for your website.

With your website having the latest updates to the security feature your website will remain safe and secure.

If your website provider takes care of your updates you do not have to worry about dealing with any security issues.

You can use any hosting provider to maintain your website allowing you to take full control from the moment you upload your website.

As previously stated if you are not able to install WordPress to your hosting provider it is best to go with a website hosting company.

This is the largest disadvantage of having a self-hosted WordPress website.


Make sure to check out the link on WordPress.com which provides you with a full selection of benefits of selecting either style of WordPress website.

It’s great in starting out with a WordPress.com website just to get a better understanding of what the program can do.

As an Orlando web design company I’m suppose to tell you otherwise but remember we create standard custom websites as well they are all not made on WordPress.

We provide honest work and provide information to help your website move into the right direction.

With a self-hosted WordPress website you get the benefit of expanding your website to a whole new level that you will not receive when your website is hosted through WordPress.com.

You can have a lot of features added to your website and have it show the full potential of what your website can do.

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