SKMinc Website Update

Just recently we got an opportunity to provide assistance to a new client who already has an established website.

They needed content update and some of the stock images that were being used updated.

When visiting the website for the first time you can see 2 images on the home page.

Both of the pictures have the Istock Photo trademark on the pictures. Our goal was to make the updates to the content and the images for the client.

This project was not only providing a quick edit. Another part of the project was to provide our client access to her CMS.

Her website was created in Joomla and the website designer who worked on it previously was no longer accessible to the client.

We have dealt with situations similar to this and it is a shame that the client has to deal with an unresponsive developer.

It makes all other hard working web design companies like ourselves hard to be trusted.

Since we we’re not able to contact her previous developer we logged in to the hosting database and got ourselves into the website and provided her a new log-in.

It is never easy working on a database because you never want to ruin what has already been created.

We were successful in accomplishing our goal and providing our client with a complete job.

website: Recruiting Consulting

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