Austin’s House Website

Austin’s House was a very interesting and fast website project that was worked on over a weekend two weeks ago.

A lot of times it can become very difficult to put a website together in such short of time but can be done if certain factors are in your favor.

When working in Austin’s House our client came to us via referral from LaunchMob and the relationship we had developed with them over the years before there was a LaunchMob or an Outlook Studios, that is how far back the relationship goes.

Austin’s House had a website designer who unfortunately was too busy to work on the project.

When a door closes a window opens (that’s right, right?). What helped us complete the website was the Photoshop layout.

It was sliced and ready to use for the coding process. Our goal is to turn around and have the website ready for review by the end of the weekend.

With the Photoshop slices ready to be developed we we’re able to create a 5 page website with a store connection with an online eCommerce store from Mal’s eCommerce.

Their set-up is very unique but it did not affect the conclusion of the project.

The trickiest part of creating the eCommerce is making sure that the discount is implemented into the items and that took most of the project time.

The website was created using HTML, CSS, and Photoshop.

We are pleased our client has happy with the result and the quick turn around.

So make sure to check out and visit Austin’s House for some delicious Jam and Jelly.

Austin House Website

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