Google+ Refresh Is A Facebook Look-A-Like?

Yes it has happen Google+ has officially updated. It has been close to a year since the release of the social media website that has attracted over 170 million users.

That is plenty of users especially since now with every Google account created you get a Google+ profile page.

If you have not logged into the social network you will be in for a big change to the layout.

Changes Made on Google+

Some of the things that Google has been able to do with the social network is make it look simpler and easier to navigate.

I personally love the improvement done on Google+.

Being able to run my own personal and business layout make it a lot easier to navigate between different sections of the pages.

The hangout is a lot easier to use and easier to navigate through.

They have taken strives to make changes and improve their network in so many ways. One thing you can definitely know about Google is that they are always looking for a way to improve things.

Google Similar Look To Facebook?

So it comes down more to “this looks familiar”.

Why is the transition to the new, simpler Google+ seem really easy?

It has a lot of the similar features that you find in Facebook such as the cover image on your profile page, the hangouts is snapped on the right side where your friends are located, and the overall navigation on the left and the top right is very, very similar to the one on Facebook.

Below is the video that displays the new changes made on Google+.

Question is do you like the changes made on the social network?

Are you going to be using Google+ a lot more?

Let us know what you think.

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