LaunchMob Media Business Card Design

Our latest project was created for LaunchMob Media. LaunchMob Media provides branding and content services for established businesses who are looking to reach a new audience or reignite their current campaign.

We received an opportunity to work on their logo before the start of Playlist Live.

They had an established logo that needed to fit with a list of sponsors that are going to be a part of Playlist Live.

launch mob media original logo
Original LaunchMob Logo

launch mob media new logo
Updated LaunchMob Media Logo

Business Card Design

First we grabbed the text of their previous logo and reproduced it.

Our goal was to provide the logo with it’s own identity that can be used for any type of item such as business cards, banners, and t-shirts.

When the project was completed we moved forward in creating a new business card design for the company.

Through constant communication through email and meet-ups at Urban Rethink we developed 3 samples for the business card.

One goal was to implement the rocket launch into the back of the business card design one way or another.

The rocket launch represents LaunchMob Media’s business, brand, and identity so we did not want to lose it.

We presented the 3 samples that were narrowed down to the one that is below. One question that needed to be addressed was the Twitter name.

Should we leave the word Twitter on the card or just leave the individual Twitter names by itself.

At the end we all agreed not everyone will have a Twitter account and may not understand.

We felt comfortable leaving the word next to each individual’s twitter name so there would be no confusion with the email.

Below is the final version of the LaunchMob Media business card.

What do you think?

Have you run into Ken or Ethan and received one of their new business cards?

front of LaunchMob Media business card back of LaunchMob Media business card
front of LaunchMob Media business card Ethan Curtis card

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