General Motors Considering Return To Facebook Ads

Is it possible for a major company such as General Motors to change their stand with the social media giant Facebook? Many companies I’m sure have ran many different Ad campaigns with many different budgets. With General Motors they had an Ad campaign running for $10 Million Dollars in which they stopped running in May. One of the reasons is due to the fact that they were not treated equally as such other automotive companies that were on Facebook.

The Effect Of General Motors Removing Facebook Ads

When General Motors went forward and made the decision to remove their social media ads from Facebook many started questioning the actual success of the Facebook Ad campaign. Of course if you have marketing campaign that is $10 Million Dollars it is easier to succeed with than working with a $100,000 Dollar budget. GM CEO Daniel Akerson spoke with Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg to discuss their return to the social network. Not convinced they want to discuss more details of a few successful social media campaigns such as Coca-Cola and Ford.

General Motors Strategy

Is it possible that the social media campaign that General Motors started was not good enough? Did the campaign they had running for Facebook just did not work for the audience they tried to reach? It could be possible they may need to re-think how they should approach Facebook and the audience that is there. People socially discussing your brand goes a long way from being noticed especially in Facebook as they continue to move past 750 Million users. What is your opinion with General Motors not doing Facebook Ads, do you follow any automobile companies and does their facebook campaign affect you?

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