Nona Network Web Design

Outlook Studios created their first responsive web design for Nona Network.

With our latest web design project we got the opportunity to once again work with LaunchMob Media and create a new website that is focused on the city of Lake Nona and the growth of the city and the many different businesses in the area.

The Lake Nona Network Project

Nona Network is a monthly professionals hang out that meet-up on the third Wednesday of each month.

From Business owners to Entrepreneurs you are going to find a variety of different people at this event.

The focus of Nona Network is for locals to get  together at one of the many different Lake Nona businesses and make new connections within the city when they otherwise would not.

With Lake Nona continuing to grow Nona Network is a great way for everyone to get the opportunity to know each other in the area whether they just moved in or just looking to make connections.

Whether you are promoting a business or not Nona Network was created for everyone to enjoy and have a good time.

If you are not in the mood to talk about business develop new friendships.

With an event like Nona Network you are not forced to promote your business, you can go just to make new acquaintances and see what it is all about.

Lake Nona website design

Making It A Responsive Website Design

With creating Nona Network we wanted to be able to create a website that you can easily access with your phone, tablet, or even your desktop without losing the main premise of the website.

We want the visitors to the website to be able to view it out anywhere they are at and share with their friends with any device they use.

With this website design we spoke with Ken the CEO of LaunchMob Media to make sure that the site would be easily accessible via mobile without having to recreate it or removing any vital information.

We wanted the website to be easily accessible to those who work and live in the Medical City of Lake Nona.

The goal is to share and be able to provide a design that will not be difficult to display on smaller more portable devices such as an iPhone or Android Phone.

With the help of Bootstrap we got the opportunity to get a framework together that worked out great in the development process. With a JQuery script it made the slide show compatible in all of the devices. bootstrap framework

For our future websites we hope to move forward and continue to develop to a more responsive approach whether we are building it from start to finish or using a framework that provides us with a solid backbone to work with.


If you have any questions about our Lake Nona SEO services or web design projects contact us today to help you get started.

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