Latest Project: Robert Borr’s Property Law FL

Property Law Website

This month we had the opportunity to finish a website that needed a professional touch and someone with experience using WordPress.

Robert Borr reach out to us to help him finish his current site.

He was on a time crunch due to the fact that he had already talked with about starting ads for his law firm.

He provided us with a variety of edits that he needed completed in time for the website to go live.

When working on a project that has already been edited is tough because you are left not knowing what the last person did.

This is similar to going into the kitchen and taking over what someone started.

Once the changes were completed we took the website from one domain account and completed the transfer to the live domain in time for his Yellow Page account to go live. Once the site went live we made improvements to the overall website speed.

Robert Borr’s website had a large image of downtown Orlando and a template that was slowing down the website speed.

We went ahead and reduced the overall size of the image and installed W3 Cache plugin to the site.

The website went from a 6 second loading time to a 2 second loading time.

It was important for us to make sure the website loaded fast as this is one of the important factors for ranking on Google when it comes to deciding on how well your website ranks.

Click here to view the website.

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