Latest Project: AMH Solutions

Applied Meetings and Hospitality Solutions provides resources and is a results based company for the hospitality and meeting industries.

We had the opportunity to work on not only installing WordPress but also transfer the website to the clients’ hosting provider.

Website Changes

We had the great pleasure to work with the graphic designer J.J Vargas who was able to get a design that fit exactly what the client was looking for.

Our job was on the development end and providing J.J. a location to upload the theme and make the changes to the design.

We worked on the CSS and addressing an error code that was found on the main home page.

Once the design was completed with no errors the client got a chance to look at the site and approved the final draft.

We transferred the entire website to the hosting provider and tested all the URLs to make sure they pointed to the right page.

Click here to check out the site.

amhsolutions website

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