5 Email Marketing Tips To Get You Started

Email marketing strategies are just as relevant today as they’ve ever been, and though online marketing strategies will continue to change, email marketing won’t be any less relevant in the near future.

As an increasing number of users start using ad-blocking solutions to streamline their browsing experience and more webmasters begin to invest in mobile website design, the value of a strong email list will grow even greater.

5 email marketing tips to get you started

Email marketing is an extraordinarily powerful way to inspire trust, gain new followers, and nurture customer relationships to turn leads into brand promoters.

We share 5 email marketing tips to help you get started.

Action Words, Simplicity, and Curiosity

Active verbs seize wandering eyes, and curiosity drives readers to keep digging through the email to see where it takes them.

Let the headline immediately communicate that the email has something of value, and structure the message in fashion that compels them to keep reading until they find it.

Your simple headlines will outperform your clever headlines every time, and a strategic gap in information will give you a perfect leverage to guide the reader towards an answer that fills in that gap at the end of the message.

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Offer Incentives

Your readers are busy people, and they’ll appreciate it if there’s a reward for taking the time to read what you’ve sent them.

The kinds of incentives that you could offer your subscribers for reading your email are limited only by your own imagination.

The reward could be anything from emotional fulfillment that makes them feel good or a useful tip that they could use at home.

These rewards will be the best way to maintain your subscriber base through positive reinforcement.

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Showing Value In What You Share

Email marketers often make the mistake of diving right into the bells and whistles of their offer before even addressing why their reader would be interested in the first place.

Before speaking of what you want to sell, the value of what you have to sell needs to be clarified first.

The only way to clarify the value of what you have to sell is by empathizing with your subscribers’ challenges, confusion and problems; leading with these will open a resistance-free path to your offer as the next natural step.

Direct Your Emails To The Individual

It might seem counterintuitive at a glance, but no matter how large your email list grows, messages should always be directed at the individual reader rather than your large email list.

The individual reader’s receptiveness to what you have to say will always be greater if they feel as though they’re being directly communicated to on a personal basis.

You’ve got to think of the email you send out as a personal conversation on the couch, like there’s a secret to tell your reader that’s meant especially for them.

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Base Your Claims On Credibility

The internet is full of unfounded claims, and people have become increasingly jaded.

In a sea of false information and half-truths, a piece of genuine, factual, truthful information is worth its weight in gold.

Whenever possible, keep your subscribers in the loop of what is going on in your industry and even your accomplishments within your company.

Be upfront about affiliate links, state the statistics behind your points, be honest about what you can’t provide, and deliver on absolutely everything that you say you can.


As the above tips illustrate, email marketing is an art with just as much room for finesse, ingenuity, and creativity as website development.

Your email marketing campaign will be an extension of what your brand stands for, and through it, you’ll have the most powerful funnel that you could hope for to share your brand’s value without coming off as pushy or abrasive.

Marketing managers are going to put a greater amount of focus than ever on nurturing their most loyal customers with personalized and direct attention, and if you have a strong email marketing campaign that gives your followers relevant value, you’ll be able to stay ahead of the curve.

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