5 Best e-Commerce Platforms For Your Small Business

E-commerce is a field that never stops shifting and evolving, but no matter how it develops, the best e-Commerce platforms are consistently updated to meet the demands and leverage them to good effect.

No matter what you offer through your e-commerce business, your platform should be one that streamlines the business and helps you devote more energy to your highest priority tasks than troublesome maintenance and time spent on the line with tech support.

5 best eCommerce platforms for your business

The key to avoiding issues with your e-commerce platform is to shrink the margin of error by choosing a high-quality solution that has been made up to par in the first place.

The following are some of the best e-Commerce platforms that you can use for your website with confidence.


With more than 100,000 retailers using the platform, Shopify is undeniably one of if not the most popular e-commerce platforms in the world.

One of the major factors behind the large amount of popularity that Shopify has gained is the all-inclusive range of features that it provides.

Shopify gives you every solution that you need to smoothly operate its platform in a single package, an unlimited capacity for inventory, and zero transaction fees.


3DCart has been one of the top e-commerce platforms since 1997. With this solution, users have an all-inclusive package of applications and features that can be leveraged for creating an e-commerce site and scaling it over time.

The platform is consistently updated with new software solutions to streamline management for all of its users.

One of 3DCart’s strongest selling points is its REST API, facilitating fully functional integration with virtually all solutions and business infrastructure models employed by third parties.

Image: https://cdn.merchantmaverick.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/3dcart-logo.jpg


BigCommerce has gained a reputation as one of the most effective platforms for website owners to use for driving up their sales.

Per statistics collected and reported by Ipsos, the BigCommerce platform has helped its user experience have an average annual growth rate of nearly 30 percent.

Any BigCommerce platform user will have the privilege of 24/7 uptime, including the entirety of the duration of Cyber Week. With BigCommerce, there are no fees for updates, maintenance or hosting.

Image: bigcommerce.com


From its origins as an eBay property, Magento has flourished into a powerful e-commerce solution in its own right.

For the most part, Magento’s features make it particularly well-suited for sites that are on the larger side, though smaller sites could feasibly make use of it all the same.

Magento has been lauded for the generous amount of security solutions in place to make it more secure.

The platform is not only highly secure, but can also be freely scaled, altered, and linguistically customized.

Image: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/5/53/Magento.svg/1280px-Magento.svg.png


WooCommerce is a platform offered for free through WordPress. The platform has been praised for the clean organization of its shopping cart and the stability of its gateway for payment.

In addition to the custom templates that the platform offers, you can also create your own customized template to use as your own if you happen to be savvy with WordPress website design.

Though those who have a strong affinity with HTML will be best capable to take the fullest advantage of WooCommerce’s customization features, even those who don’t have a wealth of experience with custom website design an still successfully build a fully functional and dynamic template.

Image: http://logos-download.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/WooCommerce_logo_Woo_Commerce.png


The state e-Commerce as we know it is set to go through some significant adjustments in the coming months, but what won’t change is the value of having an e-commerce solution that you can count on to serve you well and remain stable.

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Though each of the above platforms above might have distinct qualities that differentiate them from one another, all of them should be treated as the golden standard.

No matter what those needs are, make sure that your chosen platform facilitates convenience in all of the right places.

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