Improved Twitter Performance

Twitter has made some updates over the past year to help make improvements to the way we view tweets and interact with each other.

Twitter continues to make improvements by eliminating the hashbangs (#!) from the individual twitter accounts.

Their engineering team is looking to improve on performance when making your way through twitter.

So instead of having your twitter link appear as so!/outlookstudios  you will be able to type in

Currently it redirects to the URL with the hashbangs (#!) which shows your Twitter profile to your visitors.

This is definitely a great improvement for I myself have found that I completely mix up the hashbangs when writing out the Twitter URL.

This is definitely a great improvement it helps improve the initial page-load performance.

Twitter is continuing to help improve the speed and performance of their social network site making the overall experience one that can help it continue grow and gain popularity.

Check out the complete post by the Twitter Engineering group to check out what other things they are implementing in improving our Twitter performance.

twitter hashbang removal

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