Why You Can’t Wave A Wand At SEO

There is always the misconception that any website can reach a number one spot in Google.

I’ve seen and heard many clients and other SEO companies in Orlando tell me that the website they built is on Page 1.

I’m always impressed in finding out how they did it so the follow up is what term can I find the web site in?

The answer is typically type in the company name in Google and you will see it there. If a web design company tells you that you are on Page 1 and you paid a lot of money and notice no traffic coming to your website they did not do the job.

Unless you are NBC, Virgin, AT&T, and Facebook you can’t just type in your company name and succeed in people finding you.

A good example is our company name Outlook Studios, when you type it in Google you will see that there is another 2 websites that appear on the first page.

It is our goal to make sure that our customers find us above those companies if they decide to search us by our company name.

search term in google searchKeywords Are Important In Optimization

When you visit Google and type in a service you are looking for you and not the company name you will notice your site may not be on the first thing that appears on Page 1.

For example, you may be looking for reviews on the Mazda 3.

You can go visit Mazda’s web site and check out the reviews on the car but you want to check out an unbiased opinion.

When you are a business you want to focus on one particular search term or phrase that fits your business.

With us we provide SEO services and we are constantly working on making that term the one you will find our web site no matter how competitive the term may be.

 HardWorking SEO Efforts

With SEO it is important that you continue to work at it. There are plenty of trial and errors when it comes to working on an SEO plan.

Whether the term you are using is not searchable or the web site is not optimized for the particular term the customer is asking for.

It is important that your digital marketing company and you are on the same page when it comes to your web site.

You do not want to start from the beginning and not see an increase in traffic for your web site after 6 months.

There is only so much that can be done with SEO if your web site is not optimized for success.

There is constant trial and error when it comes to search engine optimization.

What you may try for the first 3 months might not work for the 3 months to follow. Hard work is needed when optimizing a web site.

Constantly finding ways to help make the web site searchable with the term or terms you have set up for a successful SEO strategy.

Patience is key but results show the client that you have done a good job in getting the web site moving in the right direction even if the result is not there instantly.

Organic Search and Pay-Per-Click(PPC)

You can always start a campaign with pay-per-click (PPC) as you find the terms that are producing traffic for your website. Check our article about There are many advantages and disadvantages to PPC advertising.

This will help you set up a SEO campaign that will provide you with success in the long run.

Targeting the right search terms for your web site can provide you with long term success within the SERPs.

With your web site succeeding with organic search you can reduce the amount of money being spent in PPC campaigns to the point that you do not have to set up an expensive budget.

Why SEO Takes Time

When creating an SEO strategy it is important to know just because your web site shows up when you type in the company name into Google it does not mean you have succeeded.

Not many people are going to find you by your company name but they can find you by the service you provide.

Do not hand over clients in a basket to a competitor or another company. Be ready and patient to run a campaign that could take months or up to a year in order to see results to your website.

Have you run into companies that promise successful SEO strategies and did not deliver?

Did your traffic increase due to a good search engine campaign?

Are you having success with your target search terms?

Let us know the good, the bad, and the ugly experiences you may have dealt with when trying to succeed in search.

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