Why is competitor analysis important

Why Is Competitor Analysis Important

While many marketers think of “the competition” as those companies that share their particular niche or industry, the reality is that any business that reduces the amount of a consumer’s disposable income is a competitor.

6 ways to create blog post topics

6 Ways To Create Blog Post Topics

Besides writing the actual blog post yourself, one of the hardest parts of running any blog is coming up with topics to write about.

how to fix low content issues on your website

How To Fix Thin Content Issues On Your Website

If you have ever visited to a webpage looking for an answer to a question only to discover that it was filled with thin content and didn’t provide any answers, then you understand that having low word count is not going to help you gain authority or drive users to convert on your site.

advantages and disadvantages of ppc advertising

Advantages and Disadvantages of PPC Campaign

In the best case scenario, PPC can be a way for digital marketers to optimize their reach through retargeting their audience; on the other hand, PPC also presents a number of very real disadvantages that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Are Broken Links Bad For Your Website

Are Broken Links Bad For Your Website

Search engines employ complex algorithms and formulas to analyze which pages are most relevant to search words, terms, and phrases entered into engines’ search fields.

Which is more important domain or page authority

Which Is More Important Domain Or Page Authority

Whether you operate a brick-and-mortar business in the real world or have a company that exists exclusively on the Internet, having a high traffic website is going to be critical to your success.