Vine App Has Arrived For Andriod

Vine App Has Expanded

Vine App the popular six second video clip app has arrived on Android devices 4.0 and higher! Twitter has taken this app to the next level, since expanding to a new platform. Vine itself is fairly new, only initially released at the beginning of the year. First release was iOS based, which had active counts of 13 million users. The company is based out of New York and has a simple website, in order to help you direct the user to the correct app store for each device. Vine was created by Twitter October of last year to expand their social media influence outside of twitter.

Vine App

New Features For Vine App On Android

Along with coming out for Android, Vine has introduced some great new features in order to expand the use of this wonderful app. To start,  the user is able to zoom in each video, which is a feature not yet available for iOS users. This is a great feature, letting users make sure everyone is able to see up close the impact of their video. For example, in a clip where the action is happening far away, say in a water skiing event, the user is able to bring the action closer. This helps to ensure that everyone is able to see everything that happens in six seconds.

Women Recording Video to post on Vine

Next Steps for Vine

The possibilities are endless as more users begin to share video clips with their Vine App. There will be continuing support for iOS as well to bring the apps closer together, which will help the Vine App grow. The next big step is companies being able to advertise, which will provide revenue and help them grow in the social media market. It will provide a platform for people to make a quick point for all of us that do not like the thirty second commercials on television. Android will help Vine by opening up the device to many more uses, so be on the lookout for many new features and growth from this app.