Instagram Introduces Video Feature

Instagram Expanding Their Community

Instagram is a relatively new community which has grown by leaps and bounds. The main idea of social media is to share ideas, foods, places, and people through pictures.  You are able to add filters, which are overlays on the pictures, to make each picture look unique. February of this year, they had 100 million active users on their site. Instagram was acquired by Facebook earlier this year.  From the start, static pictures were the only way to communicate on this community. Instagram is excited to announce that they have made a change to this with the addition of Instagram Video.

Capturing video on Instagram

Instagram Has Added Video

The Instagram community is now able to share videos that are fifteen seconds in length. This is a much longer time than what is currently available on the Vine App which allows only six seconds of recording to be shared. Vine was the first application to come out with video on iOS and recently released a Vine App for Andriod. Instagram is following in their footsteps since Vine has taken off. Vine does have an edge on Instagram since it was first to come out with their way of sharing videos, but this has all changed. To capture a video on Instagram, all you do is hold down the video button for the duration of the video. Along with the video, there are fifteen new filters to make each video look that much better. You can pause your videos and start right back where you left off, to make the most of those fifteen seconds. Unfortunately at this point, you are not able to tag people in the videos. You will have to use the @ symbol to mention someone in the video which is still good.

Introducing Video on Instagram from Instagram on Vimeo.

Why Not Videos?

People want to get a lot of information as quickly as possible. Videos are able to provide a more detailed story than any picture would. Fifteen seconds is plenty of time to share your point quickly and precisely. There are many uses for the video feature such as a how to video, showing off your food, golf swings,  parts of shows, a lot of selfies and many other ideas which will appear on the app. There can be unlimited growth to the number of ways people will be able to use video. Instagram will need to continue to make new filters and features in order to keep people excited about having a continued use of their product. With Vine App being their main competition in the short video format you will notice that Instagram Video is here to stay and make it more challenging.